I loved the event! First of all, just a group of people gathering on a Saturday morning in an effort to bring more compassion to their community and the whole world is really encouraging. I also really enjoyed the exercise and how you guys did it. It brought people together and helped remind us all how important it is to listen, truly listen to each other. The icing on the cake for me was that I met a wonderful lady and we both left there feeling very blessed to have made a new friend. We had coffee together earlier this week and have communicated a lot since then. It was a wonderful way to connect and I am really glad that I came. I am also very grateful to have met my new friend! Thank you for putting the event together!

 I want Fayetteville to become the most compassionate city possible and as a representative of the citizens I believe that all leaders should be part of creating this change.

The experience was educational and inspiring.  I left feeling motivated to stimulate conversations that encourage compassion on both a personal and civic level.

Together is better, Juntos es mejor.

Thanks for inviting me to the meeting and I look forward to more community building!

As a biofeedback trainer, heart and compassion are inextricably linked in my life and work. Over the last year, I observed compassion initiatives were developing in many areas around the country. Stanford University has The Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (http://ccare.stanford.edu/). St. Paul’s Episcopal Church has a Servant Leadership course entitled Compassion: Awakening to the Heart Connection. When I saw the article in the local paper about the compassion initiatives around Fayetteville, I knew I wanted to participate. The first session was amazing. It was wonderful to find so many individuals in our community who are interested in increasing compassion in a community that has so many who demonstrate compassion on a regular basis. Pattie Williams requested that we team up with someone we didn’t know to discuss a time where we felt compassion and a time where we felt we did not receive compassion. My partner and I discovered many synchronicities in our lives after just a few minutes of conversation and found ourselves hugging one another. I look forward to the next two sessions and participating in the connections and initiatives that develop.

 Again, you were wonderful in the session Saturday, and I’ve just found numerous opportunities to pass on what I learned, to think back on the comments and the people who shared them, and to become more self aware of how I can be a more compassionate friend, mother, leader, supervisor, and wife.  Wow!  How helpful.

I attended because I have great respect for the leadership that put the session together (Pattie Williams, in particular) and because I wish to become more aware of how I can be a better leader in our city in the area of showing compassion and inclusion for all, and I wish to be a more compassionate woman, in general, in my daily life.

I was positively impacted during the session by the responses and positive energy that the citizens/residents/participants shared. The comments about how we all would like to see compassion shared in our city in even better ways was quite powerful.  I particularly was touched by those comments, and after I left the session I started thinking of ways I could act on some of those suggestions. Some were small enough to do something immediately — tell someone how much I cared about her and appreciated her friendship.