SecondHand Smoke NWA

Has a heart a mile wide!

The 2nd Helping Story

There are a countless people in Northwest Arkansas who are not able to adequately feed themselves. Secondhand Smoke was created to fill that need and is where old fashioned BBQ intersects with the community.

Filling this need has moved from serious to critcal due to the COVID 19 crisis. So it is our mission to go to under-served areas and feed the people. The mission is simple, if you need to eat, SecondHand Smoke will feed you. If you want to donate, click the donation button below or on the Home page of Compassion Fayetteville.

We want to thank all the people, sponsors, and community members who have helped to make a difference. Working together we are making a difference. We are the ‘Good Samaritan’s of Northwest Arkansas. We are #NWAStrong.