Canopy RESET

Canopy RESET Team

This team consists of dedicated volunteers coming from the following sources:
1. Temple Shalom
2. Unitarian Universalist Church of Fayetteville
3. Omni Center
4. Compassion Fayetteville

Our team shares the responsibility of helping our family of three (3) to adjust to their new life in the United States. We help support them in supporting themselves and assist them in whatever way possible. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences in our lives.
Of course, the staff of CanopyNWA has been critical to the success of our family adjusting to their new life.
Below are the guidelines and responsibilities, created by CanopyNWA, that our team follows in assisting our family.

Co-Sponsor a Refugee Family
As co-sponsors, you will play a vital role in helping your refugee family integrate into our community. However you are not case workers, you are not a resettlement agency and it is important that we all understand where your responsibilities end and ours begin.

We call this “co-sponsorship” because it is a partnership between you and Canopy NWA with very clear roles and expectations on how to best serve the refugee family.

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Co-Sponsorship Events & Training
Overview of Co-Sponsorship Roles & Responsibilities
Phase 1: Preparing for Arrival

Refugee Family Sponsor Responsibility

Form a team by asking for volunteers who have a heart for outreach. You should have eight people at a minimum, but you probably don’t want more than twelve. Designate a team leader who will be our point of contact to your team.
This team will be tasked with the following areas of preparation:

Inform your wider organization or congregation of the work of the co-sponsorship team and educate them regarding resettlement and co-sponsoring. Canopy NWA will provide you with informational materials (Power Points, handouts, posters, etc.) to help with this. We can also coordinate with your team to organize an informational session with your organization about co-sponsorship.

Advertise the need for household furniture, beds and household items. Arrange for collection and storage (download Canopy NWA Co-Sponsorship Handbook). When the refugee family arrival date is received, deliver the furniture and set up the apartment. Canopy NWA will pay the rent for the apartment with their resettlement money.

Take our grocery list (page 13) and purchase items for the refugees. Staples may be purchased ahead of time; fresh food the day of the arrival. Deliver all food to apartment. This is food for the first few days only. You will also need to prepare a meal for the day of arrival. It can be placed in the refrigerator to be heated when they arrive.

Arrange for up to four team members to go to the airport with Canopy NWA staff. Assist in taking the refugees to their apartment and walking them through an initial orientation.

As co-sponsors, we ask that you contribute $1,100 in welcome funds to help us provide for the refugees.
Additionally, your team will be responsible for furnishing the apartment, buying an initial supply of groceries and supplying a meal upon arrival (more details in the Co-Sponsorship Handbook).

As a team, determine what your budget will be and begin fundraising to hit that target.
We have partnered with Pure Charity to provide great fundraising resources, coaches, and convenient online fundraising tools.
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Canopy NWA’s Responsibility Overview


Canopy will provide an initial training for all co-sponsorship teams once every quarter. At least 8 team members must complete the training before the team becomes eligible to co-sponsor a family. Once the team completes the training and is matched with a family, Canopy will provide them with cultural orientation specific to their family.

Canopy will secure suitable housing for the refugee family in time for the co-sponsoring team to furnish it and stock it. Canopy will conduct the required initial housing safety checklist.

Canopy will provide transportation for the refugees from the airport to their homes. Depending on the size of the refugee family, Canopy may or may not be able to provide transportation for the co-sponsoring team members.

Canopy estimates that it will cost $8,000 to help a refugee family of four build a new life here in Northwest Arkansas over the course of three months.
With the exception of $1,100 that we ask Co-Sponsoring teams to raise, Canopy will secure the remaining funding needed to provide for the refugee family for the duration of the R&P period.