Unique Black Experience
Vision: Black Lives in Fayetteville Matter: Compassion Fayetteville CARES

As a segment of Compassion Fayetteville, our mission is to promote the Black community as present, relevant, seen, and visible; and to celebrate and appreciate Black contributions made by Fayetteville citizens.

What is our intention, our unique contribution:

• Perform a needs assessment then analyze and publicize the results.
• Support platforms that address issues surfaced in the needs assessment, i.e. events, conversations, experiences.
• Highlight resources available in Fayetteville for Blacks.
• Cultivate ways for the black perspective to be heard. Encourage initiatives for inclusive opportunities.
• Involve all stakeholders in planning and implementing our goals.
• Foster a sense of connection to the community in NWA.
• Serve as a catalyst to help acknowledge and recognize implicit bias.

What are our desired outcomes for Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas

• Increased level of inclusion of Blacks in the city. For example, sharing of time socializing within homes and personal spaces, plus spiritual, educational and community spaces.
• Increased number of Black partners with Compassion Fayetteville (churches, businesses, individuals, campus departments, students.)
• Increased appreciation of the local Black experience.

What are our guiding values?  What do we believe in?

• Compassion           Empathy                Inclusion
• We follow the guiding values and guidelines of Compassion Fayetteville as an International City of Compassion.

Mission: To advocate compassion in our community to enhance the quality of life for all.
Vision: To cultivate compassion in ourselves, our community and our world.
Values: CARES: Connection, Awareness, Respect, Empathy, Service
Email: compfayetteville@gmail.com;  Facebook: CompassionFayetteville AR