Black Cultural Action Committee

Black Cultural Action Committee (BCAC)

Mission: To celebrate and promote the immense contributions and resilience of the black community in Fayetteville, NWA, Arkansas and nation; and transmit those contributions to the present and future by facilitating, racial healing, social justice, and reconciliation. The committee has an unwavering commitment to inspire community transformation by building awareness, unearth a narrative that expands understanding; advocate for visibility of black contributions throughout the aforementioned groups.  The Committee aims to empower the community with programs to prevent undervalued cultural roots.  The committee will demonstrate how sustentation revitalizes the African American community. Moreover, elevating upward social and economic mobility leading to a more cohesive, inclusive and equitable community.

Black Cultural Action Committee Goals and Objectives: affirm the existence and lives of all black people, promote the rich and relevant history of African Americans, build ally ship and collaborate with other organizations and groups to disrupt a racial bias system, and collectively build a more cohesive, inclusive, and equitable community.

BCAC Key Impacts: We are proud of our unwavering commitment to consistently improving the quality of life by amplifying the voices and concerns of the African American community.

BCAC Areas of Focus: Education, Health and Wellness; Economic Mobility, Social Justice, and Community Cohesion.

Black Cultural Action Committee

  • NWA Black History
    • Leading with Excellence Dinner
    • Sponsors
  • Education
    • 3C Education: Culture, Compassion, Connection
  • Health and Wellness
    • Get Faded, Get Screened
  • Economic Mobility
  • Social Justice
  • Community Cohesion
    • Allies

BCAC Team Members

  • D’Andre Jones – Executive Director
  • Dr. Denise Hoy – Director of Development – Public-School Liaison – Fayetteville
  • Julie Griggs – Associate Director of Education – Public-School Liaison- Bentonville
  • Cecily Poulsom – Associate Director of Education – Springdale Public-School Liaison
  • Lance Reed – Director of Health and Wellness – Award Dinner Co-Chair
  • Kasey Carolina – Director of Social Justice – Award Dinner Co-Chair and Donor Relations
  • Pattie Williams – Director of Community Cohesion
  • Bryan Alexander- Director of Marketing/Public Relations